What Future does AI hold for humans by 2025?

Role of AI in 2025 looking from 2019, is what the role of Internet would be in 2005, looking from 1999! – Vinay Borhade, Founder | AIQuest Solutions LLP Industrial revolution as we know it, is in its 4th generation, commonly known as Industry 4.0. We are already seeing technology achieving things that were considered […]

What topics and languages to learn to prepare before you learn Advanced AI?

ADVANCED AI – ESSENTIALS An 80 hours workshop for essentials to prepare for Advanced AI topics PYTHON 3 Data Types Control Structures Looping Functions Classes Packages and Imports  Packages Implementations numpy pandas matplotlib / seaborn Project – 50 hours Applied Statistics Central Limit Theorem and Central Tendencies Types of Data Distribution Normal Distribution and Properties […]

What advanced AI topics you need to learn to become a certified AI engineer?

ADVANCED AI – DEEP DIVE An 120 hours carefully crafted workshop to demystify the Artificial Intelligence universe and its practical usability in various industries Computer Vision Image Processing Image Segmentation Edge Detection Image Filtering Feature Matching Face detection Emotion Detection Object Detection – 40 hours Speech to Text Analytics Audio Visualization – Charting Audio as […]