What Future does AI hold for humans by 2025?

Role of AI in 2025 looking from 2019, is what the role of Internet would be in 2005, looking from 1999!

– Vinay Borhade, Founder | AIQuest Solutions LLP

Industrial revolution as we know it, is in its 4th generation, commonly known as Industry 4.0. We are already seeing technology achieving things that were considered impossible just 10 years back. We have cameras that detect your face and emotions, electronic devices that are controlled over WiFi or Internet, even interact with other devices around without human intervention (IOT or Internet of Things).

Industry 4.0

The revolution Artificial Intelligence promises to bring in the industries and lives around us, has been a talk of the time for good reasons. The Research and Development teams in various startups along with tech giants are churning out new and exciting technologies that would positively change the world as we see it in just about 5 years time! Lets put our imaginations on wings and fly into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence.

We are going to time travel and enter into in a life of an AI Engineer in 2025, and see the world around from his perspective. We are choosing an AI Engineer as our subject, so that a common reader would enjoy and ponder upon the amazing possibilities AI offers us in near future, at same time allowing the techies and nerds of today to imply and get ideas for the future state. So buckle up, as the time capsule leaves, NOW!!!

Time Travel

Behold!! We just time jumped into future, it’s August 12th of the year 2025 AD. Our subject, Male – 28, code AIQ-RnR-009, is AI Engineer at AIQuest Solutions, Mumbai Headquarters. Subject has recently joined his firm’s REC-EX (EXperience RECorder) program and word is he is doing wonders for his firm.

Just before we get into our subject’ life, lets understand a bit about the REC-EX program, which is State-of-the-Art technology researched in 2025, aiming to revolutionize artificial intelligence and propel it by light years. The Artificial Intelligence back in 2019 would use text, images, audio and videos to deduce meaningful information, which worked good enough, though lacked the basic understanding of human behavior. Technology back then was focused around imitating human Brain“. Though, the founders of AIQuest Solutions differed and had different ideas. Having brought up in India, they knew deep down, that human Brain, as powerful it would be, is not the source of Intelligence. It was the human “Mind” which they said, held the key in mimicking human Intelligence. They seemed to have found the deep secrets on the functioning of human mind and the efforts had begun early 2020 to convert their knowledge into technology.

Brain Vs Mind

The core of the Artificial Intelligence responsible for learning, hence rather being a Brain, was an imitation of human Mind, which fed on events, happenings, and Emotions around it. The core was called “AIQ-MIND“, which was connected to all the firms properties and devices, and early on learnt in traditional way by evaluating texts, images, audio and video. But the REC-EX program would change the course of AI history forever. The program essentially assigns a few enthusiasts in its RnR department, to interact with AIQ-MIND on first person basis. This helps to create an Audio-Visual log of the person, while recording the choice of words, emotions, expressions, body language all at once, which would be closest thing to a human memory, rather than a disjoint heap of text, images and AV. AIQ-MIND would look for similar matches in database, which was called AIQ-MEM as it mimicked human memory. Every time a new AV log was fed to the AI, it would run a check to find close matches and re-group it under a known Memory and enhance its understanding of human world. We would dive into the intriguing details, but given the time-space limitations, we need to focus on our “subject” for now, before the temporal link collapses.

AI learns Human behavior

Here we go, we are looking at the AV logs recorded by our subject today i.e. Aug 12, 2025. The subject has a nerve of recording its surroundings in finer details and has logged the entire day starting from 7:00 till 22:00 Indian Standard Time. The time-space jump allows us to look at an hour of events our subject has logged, so we would need to come back again in another point of time for full account.

Without any further Adieus, here is the AV-log, a first person conversation of the subject with AIQ-Mind from 7-8 AM. hope that is enlightening, both for our readers as well the firms AIQ-Mind in 2025!

REC-EX_AIQ-RnR-09_7:05 AM

Hello AIQ-Mind. it is 7:05 and is a beautiful morning. My Personal Assistant program, “AIQueen 3.5“, set off the alarm at 7 AM, picked up the decibels gradually, and was audible enough to wake a human from deep sleep, without hurting the eardrums. She had been a bit cheeky earlier but seems to behave considerably now 🙂 As soon as she sensed my eye movement, she greeted me with warm message as usual, turned off the alarm and switched on my favorite music to lift my mood. I observed, while I was opening my eyes, lights turned up just enough and gradually to lit up the room without hurting my eyes avoiding sudden burst of photons, which is a good news. Our new feature which we added to adjust the lights by capturing the pupil dilation rate in real time, seems to be working as expected. I know now why our Directors are crazy to develop our new line of customer experience enhancing products 😉

smart bedroom

REC-EX_AIQ-RnR-09_7:15 AM –

The room temperature is cozy, and its 7:15. The voice command finally seems to recognize my croaky voice just after waking up. It seems to have learnt my voice modulations at specific times of day, which is very convenient. Will find out if it still recognizes me after a couple of drinks coming weekend 😀

voice detection

REC-EX_AIQ-RnR-09_7:35 AM

Just had a bath and its 7:35, the steam and water temperature felt just perfect in the shower. The smart device services seem to be interacting seamlessly with other devices. The smart device am wearing definitely relays my body temperature and pulse to the shower and heater, as I observed in last few days the water jet speed and temperature adjusts itself, which feels just perfect every day. On second thought, we need to allow water dispensing services to run a few moments more in the shower on one off days, to enjoy the perfection. Well the City Water Management Services may allow us the adjustment once a week per person given your (AIQ-Mind) forecast claims an avg of 3 percent surplus city water storage next year 😛 Surely the agencies won’t doubt your (AIQ-Mind) claim, given last 4 years of forecasting was bang on.

AI smart wearable device
smart bathroom

REC-EX_AIQ-RnR-09_7:45 AM –

The Toaster had been announcing since some days, to have self detected an anomaly in heating, and finally would fail on day 588 of usage, which was today. Sure enough, around 7:40 it burnt the bread around the corner. I requested my personal assistant program, AIQueen to book a repair. I was surprised she announced that the same has been automatically taken care off given devices are linked with repair agencies over the Internet. I might have missed this feature which was released by you (AIQ-Mind) a month back. Sure enough I got a text message on my smart watch from the repair company, confirming the pickup and estimated personnel arrival at 8:32 AM.

AI smart toaster

REC-EX_AIQ-RnR-09_7:50 AM –

It’s 7:50, tea time, and the Tea dispenser still seems to be in perfect condition and AIQueen estimated another 48 days of tea bag supplies with my seemingly irregular pattern.

AI smart coffee maker

The Refrigerator has estimated the milk would suffice for another couple of days and I am hoping it would order automatically for morning of 15th Aug. Eggs would do for another couple of weeks. The electricity units it consumed this month so far is considerably optimized compared to last month. AIQueen suggests a new arrival for refrigerators at a good exchange bonus with added AI features. Hoping my firm to raise my pay and would surely afford the new package 😀 Or they already raised my pay and the store knows??

Smart Refrigerator

REC-EX_AIQ-RnR-09_7:55 AM –

It’s 7:55, and I did not notice my washing machine had already done with its laundry, until it announced it had found a 50 Rs coin in the laundry, which she categorizes as “Human Irregularities”. Further, AIQueen suggested, based on previous occurrences, such irregularities occur 8 out of 10 times on a Friday night. And she suggests it has found a strong correlation of Friday night irregularities with my unclear speech, change in voice modulation and high spirited emotional behavior. I am sure she is very close to get to the root cause as soon she finds out my Friday eve happy hour plans with my friends. Man I don’t need this AIQueen personal assistant program to ever turn into my wife! LOLL.

Smart washing machine

Wow readers, isn’t it amazing! Seemingly, he lives in a Smart Home, where all the devices in bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are smart, intelligent and sync with the AI personal assistant, powered by the AI core AIQ-Mind. They self detect failures, adjust themselves to consume less energy, understand the customer needs and even order groceries!!! And all that in just 5 years from now, which is wicked..

smart home

It would be exiting to see how has the world has shaped outside, how the transport and traffic signals behave by 2025, how the social life of a common man is, and many such things that impact us day in and out today.

smart city

Stay tuned until we get an approval from authorities to time jump again and look further, into the AI Engineers day out, in 2025!!